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Implant-Retained Dentures - Jersey City, NJ

Are your missing teeth causing you physical and emotional stress? Are you having difficulties in speaking or chewing? Essex Smiles of Jersey City, New Jersey, offers implant-retained dentures to get you feeling happy and healthy again. Implant-retained dentures are surgically placed into your jawbone to keep them in place. 

Many benefits come from having your dentures anchored, including no slipping, providing more comfort, improving oral hygiene and bite force, and offering a natural look. You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again. Traditional dentures do not support facial structures. With implant-retained dentures, you can feel confident again in your facial appearance. 

Types of Implant-Retained Dentures

There are several options available for implant-retained dentures to replace the lower teeth. 

If you are looking for a more permanent course of action for replacing your lower set of teeth, you may opt for screw-retained dentures. This type of dental implant uses at least four anchors to hold the denture in place on the bottom jaw. The use of screws makes sure that the denture is extremely firm in its place. Screw-retained dentures are not to be removed for cleaning or maintenance. Rather, you can treat them as your natural teeth by brushing them. This is a longer-lasting solution that may be desirable to some. 

For the upper jaw, there are various options as well. Usually, the upper jaw requires more implants, as the bone is softer than the lower jaw. Depending on your unique case, you may be able to have an implant-retained denture that does not cover the roof of your mouth. This provides you with a natural feeling while chewing and speaking. 

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