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Find out how you can stop grinding your teeth at night with protective nightguards. Contact Essex Smiles at (201) 653-2288 to get started today!

Give your teeth extra protection with athletic mouthguards and custom nightguards in Jersey City, NJ. How do you know if you need to wear a nightguard while sleeping? Maybe you grind your teeth at night, or perhaps you suffer from sleep apnea. Whatever the reason, nightguards provide a cost-effective way to protect a patient’s health.

Clenching one’s jaw or bruxism can lead to chipped, cracked, and worn-down teeth, as well as jaw pain. Most of the time, stress and anxiety play a significant role. If you discover that you’re grinding your teeth at night, a custom-fitted nightguard can prevent a range of potential dental problems down the road. 

Invest in your smile with mouthguards and nightguards in Jersey City, NJ. Call Essex Smiles at (201) 653-2288 to protect those pearly whites.